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V/A MOD: Odds Bods Mods and Sods CD

V/A MOD: Odds Bods Mods and Sods CD

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V/A MOD: Odds Bods Mods and Sods CD

1 V.I.P's -Can't Believe It's True
2 Squire -Livin' In The City
3 Split Screens -Know What I Want
4 Justin Case -No Good For Me
5 Urban Disturbance -Wild Boys In Cortinas
6 V.I.P.'s -Just Can't Let You Go
7 Squire -Get Ready To Go
8 Split Screens -Just Don't Try
9 Just Frank -You
10 Clerks -When The Lights Go Out
11 Coming Shortly -Doing The Flail
12 Hazard -Gotta Change My Life
13 Blue Movies -Mary Jane
14 X-E-Cutors -Too FarTo Look Inside My Head
15 X-Films -After My Blood
16 Zeros -Wat's Wrong With a Pop Group
17 Action Replay -Decisions
18 Innocent Bystanders -Where Is Johnny
19 Debutantes -Man In The Street
20 Justin Case -TV
21 Straight Up -One Out All Out

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