martes, noviembre 08, 2011


There have been many months of hard work, headaches ... but at last we have new store

The new Runnin Riot Mailorder webstore incorporates a number of improvements and makes more flexible the buying process
. We haven't only changed the design, but there have been improvements in programming, design and operation of the store. It has been several months of hard work, sleepless nights in front of the computer screen, hours and hours planning, exchanging e-mails with the designer and the programmers etc… That's why I want to thank above all to David Subcultural for his great work as designer and all the Trilogi team (Natalia, Llorenç, Carlos, Xavi, Jordi, Chinese Mariuz, Andrea y Robert…), and of course I want to thank Daniel that he's been so many hours shoulder to shoulder with me to have this baby ready to be born ;-), Thanks for your work and patience!
The new version of the Runnin Rit Mailorder webstore gets oficially inaugurated today, 8 of November 2011, although there are still many things to do and develop, so expect updates on these coming weeks... Then I will explain you some improvements of the webstore:

Cascading Menu. It is now easier and faster to find the category or productu want. We changed the menu and simply sliding the mouse over the categories will be opened in cascade.

Brand & Specials Menu. In the left column we have added some of the brands we distribute , if you click there will take you to all the products that we have of that brand. In the Specials section, we've tried to collect thematically related products to a particular topic. If you click on the headers of Brands & Specials you can show the results or hide them.

New Music. Here we will incorporate the new music that we receive weekly. It's a moving slide, but if you hit the arrows you can move the results.

Limited Offers. Here we'll enter a weekly featured deals with a limited number of units and a specific deadline. Offers will be limited so the first to capture them, will be the first to have them.

New Stuff. Here we will be getting some of the most remarkable new stuff. We receive a lot of new stuff every week and we can not put them all here.

Outlet / Last Units. This is a good section to find discounted products, in some cases up to 90%. Last units, the remains of storage, back catalog… You can find real bargains!.

News. On the homepage news there are two sections, in the footer are four news with their photos, you can expand the news by clicking on the image or on "Read More". If you clickon the heading "News" will take you to the news directory. Here we aim to incorporate relevant news, interviews, etc...

Polls. We will include polls of the operation of the website, for voting your favourite bands or your personal opinion about a particular thing,etc.

Offer Icon. Now the icon shows you the percentage discount of the product. And if you are on the product detail you can see even the money you save on the offer.

Promotions. Now you can see the promotions on the product detail and explanation or conditions of this promotion. For example, if we have a 10% Lonsdale promotion and the condition for benefit is that you have to buy more than two products of the brand, the discount will be applied when you have three brand items in the basket ( can be different items).

Comments & Ratings. Now you can comment and rate a product. In the "product detail" section below you'll find on the comment tab that you can rate the product from Very Bad to Very Good, including your nickname and comment about the product. These comments will appear once reviewed but the admin on the product detail, this will help other people to learn more about the product by people who already have purchased.


Add directly to shopping cart.  In the old shop you had to go to product detail and there select the size or colour and add to shopping cart. Now you can directly add products avoiding this step. If you want more information about the product click on the + button or click on the product and it will take you to product detail.

Shopping cart. f you pass the mousse over the shopping cart you will see the products inside.

Select your gifts. Now you can add your gifts directly from the buying process. But keep in mind the conditions to choose your gifts