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OPCIO K-95: Reneix CD

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15 years after its formation, Option K-95 celebrating this anniversary with the release of their fourth album, Reneix (Reborn). The group was established in September 1995 in Vila de Gràcia (Barcelona) in the guise of three young people eager to enjoy
the music they liked in their own language, Catalan. So it was years later that delineated the first line-up, characterized by a sound closer to classic Oi! British. With these references, the group recorded one years after his first paper entitled Cap Oportunitat (Propaganda pel fet!, 1996), under the supervision of English coach Guy Wenger. The sales success of the first edition the following year caused the disc reissues on CD and K7, running out of 2,500 copies again put up for sale.

After his first tour of the state, in 1998 the group is international flight by participating in a compilation published in Germany. With the formation stabilized after the abandonment of some of its original members released his second album, Mai Morirem (Propaganda pel fet!, 1999), which marked a qualitative leap and allowed them to achieve a personal sound that would boost the number of fans around and make a name in the alternative music scene internationally, as evidenced by his performances in countries like France, Switzerland, Germany or Italy.

It was not until 2004 when the group was definitively established with the publication of her third album, Terra Cremada (Bullange memories, 2004), criticized a success thanks to the renewed sound of the band contributed by the new incorporations. A style that came to close stronger rhythms to hardcore to provide more power its direct.

The march of their original bassist devoted himself to the band to a creative parentheses ended in mid 2009 with the incorporation of the current bearish. Back to full capacity its members were imprisoned in the shaping local topics shape their fourth album, Reneix (Reborn), all a metaphor for the evolution of the group, which claim to offer the public new energy shock of demands from their texts and music involved shooting.

1. 6.10.34
2. A Sang i Fetge
3. No hi ha herois
4. L'Hora de passar comptes
5. Els senyors de la Guerra
6. A World to win
7. Tres fletxes negres
8. Dinaida Isakova
9. Kill de bastards
10. Partisans
11. La forja de la historia
12. Creu Sagnant
13. Terra de sang

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